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Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature Common Core State Standards Edition ©2012 Grades 6-12
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11 American Tradition
Grade 12 British Tradition
Literature and the Language Arts: Grade 9-12


Correlated to Alabama’s Modern Languages Level I
Deutsch Aktuell 1 – 5th edition
Deutsch Aktuell Levels 1-3, 4th edition


Correlated to Alabama’s Modern Languages Level I
C’est à toi! Level One – 2nd ed.


Correlation of Alabama Modern Language Standards for grades 9-12
Navegando 1-3
Navegando A-B

Career and Technical Education

AL Anatomy & Physiology Correlation 2015
AL Benchmark Office 07 correl 6-09.pdf
AL Biotechnology correl 6-09.pdf
AL Comprehensive Accounting correl 6-09.pdf
AL Computers Understanding Technology Intro correl 6-09.pdf
AL DreamWeaver CS3 correl 6-09.pdf
AL Guide to Office 07 correl 6-09.pdf
AL Intro to Accounting correl 6-09.pdf
AL Marquee Office 07 correl 6-09.pdf
AL Prog Java correl 6-09.pdf
Developing Career & LS correl 5-09.pdf
Personal Finance correl 5-09.pdf
Preparing for CS correl 5-09.pdf
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