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Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium Second Edition

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Print Edition
Biotechnology 2nd Edition Revised Student Edition Textbook
ISBN: 978-0-76386-806-2
Print Edition
Biotechnology 2nd Edition Revised Student Edition Lab Manual
ISBN: 978-0-76387-299-1

Pages: 490 | Copyright: 2017

Author(s): Ellyn Daugherty


Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium, Second Edition is a complete program that teaches the latest concepts and hands-on lab procedures required for entry-level careers in this rapidly-growing industry.

Text and Lab Manual

The textbook and lab manual can be used together or separately, depending on your course!

This new second edition provides:

  • Thorough coverage of the concepts and processes of biotechnology research and manufacturing in the areas of pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial products, and instrumentation.
  • Extensive discussion on genomics, bioinformatics, microarrays, and proteomics.
  • Exciting information on biotechnology advances in drug discover, gene therapy, print-based pharmaceuticals, forensics, and horticulture.
  • Thought-provoking sidebards on bioethics, current events, regulations, emergent trends, and research techniques.
  • Substantial presentation of the business side of biotechnology, including opportunities and careers in academic, industrial, and regulatory biotechnology.

New for the Second Edition

  • Revised and updated content that addresses current scientific methods and developments
  • New and revised sections and projects
  • Updated statistics, figures, and photographs
  • New and improved laboratory activities
  • Updated materials lists and lab procedures
  • New online activities and websites

View a sample chapter from the textbook.

View a sample chapter from the lab manual.

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Table of Contents

Textbook Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What is Biotechnology? Chapter 2. The Raw Materials of Biotechnology. Chapter 3. The Basic Skills of the Biotechnology Workplace. Chapter 4. Introduction to Studying DNA. Chapter 5. Introduction to Studying Proteins. Chapter 6. Idenifying a Potential Biotechnology Product. Chapter 7. Spectrophotometers and Other Analytical Tools. Chapter 8. The Production of Recombinant Biotechnology Product. Chapter 9. Bringing a Biotechnology Product to Market. Chapter 10. Introduction to Plant Biotechnology. Chapter 11. Biotechnology in Agriculture. Chapter 12. Medical Biotechnologies. Chapter 13. DNA Technologies. Chapter 14. Biotechnology Research and Applications: Looking Forward.

Lab Manual Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Biotechnology Methodologies. Chapter 2. Basic Biology for the Biotechnician. Chapter 3. Basic Chemistry for the Biotechnician. Chapter 4. DNA Isolation and Analysis. Chapter 5. Protein Isolation and Analysis. Chapter 6. Assay Development. Chapter 7. Using the Spectrophotometer for DNA and Protein Assays. Chater 8. Recombinant Protein Production. Chapter 9. Protein Product Purification and Analysis. Chapter 10. Plant Proagation. Chapter 11. Agricultural Biotechnologies. Chapter 12. Obtaining Molecules of Pharmaceutical Interest. Chapter 13. Making DNA Molecules. Chapter 14. Applications in Environmental Biotechnology.

Author Bio

Ellyn Daugherty began teaching biotechnology in 1988. She founded the San Mateo Biotechnology Career Pathway in 1993. Her model curriculum attracts students into an intensive, multi-year program in biotechnology that leads them to higher education and into the biotechnology workplace. Ellyn has received numerous awards for her innovating teaching and curriculum development.

While Ellyn retired in 2013, she continues to work with teachers and schools to improve biotechnology education. Her website ( contains a collection of information about upcoming workshops she conducts in her lab and at national conferences.