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Computer and Internet Essentials: Preparing for IC3

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Print Edition
Computer and Internet Essentials: Preparing for IC3: Textbook (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-82196-317-3
eBook Edition
Computer and Internet Essentials: Preparing for IC3: eBook
ISBN: 978-0-82196-324-1

Pages: 816 | Copyright: 2013

Author(s): Nita Rutkosky, Audrey Roggenkamp, Ian Rutkosky, Faithe Wempen


COMPUTER CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS Fundamental computer skills, key application instruction, and living online concepts are explored and explained; including using an operating system, understanding networks and the Internet, and using Microsoft Office applications.

APPLICABLE INTERNET INFORMATION Lessons on email etiquette, online hazards, and privacy protection provide important and applicable information for today’s Internet users.

COMPLETE COVERAGE OF IC3 OBJECTIVES IC3 objectives are identified and correlated to the lessons that address them—allowing students to quickly identify lessons that will help them complete an objective.

EXERCISES Exercise problems provide students with immediate reinforcement of the skills presented in the lesson.

MARGIN FEATURES Key Terms, Quick Steps, and Keyboard Shortcuts provide easy-to-locate definitions and helpful hints for students.

TOPIC SUMMARY Each Topic ends with an outline of important concepts for easy review.

SKILLS REVIEW Numerous review problems with a wide range of difficulty are provided at the end of each Topic.

SKILLS ASSESSMENT Skills Assessment activities require students to demonstrate their understanding of the material. Skills Assessment includes a Help assessment, which require students to utilize the application onscreen help feature; an Online assessment designed to encourage students to research information on the Internet; and the IC3 assessment, which requires students to utilize decision-making skills.

CRITICAL THINKING Exercises provided at the end of each Topic require students to think through a problem or scenario, apply the skills they have learned, and support their solutions.

TEAM PROJECTS Group activities and projects provide students with the chance to discuss their views and approaches to computer concepts and applications.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Computing Fundamentals
Topic 1: Understanding and Selecting a Computer
Topic 2: Using an Operating System
Topic 3: Choosing and Using Application Software
Unit 2: Key Applications
Topic 4: Working with Microsoft Office 2010 Applications
Topic 5: Editing a Document in Word
Topic 6: Formatting Characters and Paragraphs in Word
Topic 7: Creating and Enhancing Tables in Word
Topic 8: Formatting a Document in Word with Special Features
Topic 9: Analyzing Data Using Excel
Topic 10: Formatting an Excel Workbook
Topic 11: Preparing a Presentation
Topic 12: Inserting Graphic Elements in a Presentation and Integrating Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Unit 3: Living Online
Topic 13: Understanding Networks and the Internet
Topic 14: Using a Web Browser
Topic 15: Using Email
Topic 16: Using PCs and the Internet Safely and Responsibly. Index.