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Computers: Understanding Technology Fifth Edition - Comprehensive

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Print Edition
Computers: Understanding Technology 5e Comprehensive - Text (softcover) with SNAP Integrated eBook and SNAP
ISBN: 978-0-76386-476-7
Print Edition
Computers: Understanding Technology 5e Comprehensive - Text (softcover) with multiplatform eBook 1-year license
ISBN: 978-0-76386-474-3

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eBook Edition
Computers: Understanding Technology 5e Comprehensive - SNAP Integrated eBook and SNAP 1-year license (codes via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76386-486-6
eBook Edition
Computers: Understanding Technology 5e - SNAP Integrated eBook and SNAP 2013 1-year license (codes via mail)
ISBN: 978-0-76386-482-8

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Pages: 688 | Copyright: 2015

Author(s): Floyd Fuller; Brian Larson; Lisa A. Bucki; and Faithe Wempen


New Edition, New Technology, New Approach.

Check out what the all-new 5th edition has to offer!

Paradigm’s all-new Computers: Understanding Technology provides comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of computer concepts—including hardware, software, networks, and the Internet, as well as programming, security, and ethics. Available in this Comprehensive version, the fifth edition is competency-based and
objective-driven. It gives you and your students:

Interactivity. A responsive design that guides students to become active learners.

  • Precheck and Recheck quizzes test student competency on each learning objective in the course and helps them track their progress.
  • Diverse learning resources like video tutorials and research articles meet the unique learning preferences of individual students.


Flexible content delivery. Choose the method that works best for your class.
SNAP with Integrated eBook

  • Students and instructors can access all course resources through a web-based training and assessment system. Key assignments, quizzes, and test results are uploaded into an online gradebook.
  • SNAP automatically returns a customized Study Plan for each student, with concept-level feedback and links to the resources that will help the student master the corresponding learning objective.


Multiplatform eBook

  • Students can hyperlink to additional content, flash cards, interactive chapter summaries and glossary, and games.
  • eBook provides immediate feedback on Precheck and Recheck quizzes, as well as selected end-of-chapter exercises.
Table of Contents


  1. Touring Our Digital World
  2. Sizing up Computer and Device Hardware
  3. Working with System Software and File Storage
  4. Using Applications to Tackle Tasks.
  5. Plugging In to the Internet and All Its Resources
  6. Networking and Communicating with Computers and Other Devices
  7. Taking Advantage of the Cloud: Teamwork, Apps, and Storage
  8. Maintaining and Managing Your Devices
  9. Understanding Your Role as a Digital Citizen: Security, Privacy, and Ethics
  10. Leveraging Technology in Business
  11. Using Programming Concepts and Languages
  12. Changing Everything with Big Data
  13. Glimpsing the Future of Computing