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Guidelines for Microsoft Office 2010

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Print Edition
Guidelines for Microsoft Office 2010: Textbook (hardcover) with Student Resources and Skills Videos CD
ISBN: 978-0-76384-440-0
eBook Edition
Guidelines for Microsoft Office 2010: eBook (180-day online access) with Skills Videos
ISBN: 978-0-76384-376-2

Pages: 640 | Copyright: 2011

Author(s): Anita Verno and Nancy Muir


Availability: In stock

Format Product Name Price Qty
A Guide to Microsoft Office 2010: SNAP Classroom 2010 Training and Assessment Single Seat Site License
ISBN: 978-0-76384-754-8

Guidelines for Microsoft Office 2010 features an inviting, open design that gives students a guided, step-by-step approach to learning the essentials of Office 2010 with clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

  • Teaches the essentials of Office 2010 for personal, academic, and business use.
  • Clear, easy-to-follow instruction with quick tips for potential trouble spots
  • Two- and four-page skill activities list the steps on one page and large visuals on the other -- reading is minimal.
  • Ideal for new users of Microsoft Office
  • Images of the completed skills projects show students the goal for each skill.
  • Guided end-of-chapter exercises measure achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Creative end-of-module projects evaluate problem-solving in new situations.
  • Includes a CD with Skills Videos demonstrating every skill plus data files and a searchable glossary.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Your Digital Toolkit
  Chapter 1 Managing Your Time with Microsoft Outlook 2010
  Chapter 2 Using Microsoft OneNote 2010
  Chapter 3 Taking Screenshots
Module 1: Computing Essentials
  What Is a Computer System?
  How Do Operating Systems and Applications Software Differ
Module 2: Microsoft Windows 7 Basics
  Chapter 1 Navigating around Windows
  Chapter 2 Managing Files and Folders
  Chapter 3 Working with Windows Settings, Gadgets, and Accessories
Module 3: Internet Basics
  Skill 1 Check Out Internet Explorer
  Skill 2 Check Out Mozilla Firefox
  Skill 3 Navigate among Web Pages
  Skill 4 Use Tabbed Browsing
  Skill 5 Set Up a Home Page
  Skill 6 Follow Links and History
  Skill 7 Save Favorites/Bookmark Sites
  Skill 8 Download and Upload Files
  Skill 9 Print a Web Page
  Skill 10 Use Search Engines
Module 4: Microsoft Office 2010 Suite Overview
  Skill 1 Understand the Ribbon
  Skill 2 Scroll through Documents
  Skill 3 Display Backstage View
  Skill 4 Create, Open, and Save Files
  Skill 5 Use Find and Replace
  Skill 6 Use Undo and Redo
  Skill 7 Add Images and Illustrations
  Skill 8 Use Formatting Tools
  Skill 9 Change Views and Zooming
  Skill 10 Check Spelling and Grammar
  Skill 11 Print Documents
  Skill 12 Use Help
  Skill 13 Use Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps
Module 5: Microsoft Word 2010
  Chapter 1 Creating Documents
  Chapter 2 Formatting Documents
  Chapter 3 Working with Tables and Objects
  Chapter 4 Polishing and Publishing Your Documents
Module 6: Microsoft Excel 2010
  Chapter 1 Creating a Spreadsheet
  Chapter 2 Working with Formulas and Functions
  Chapter 3 Formatting Cells
  Chapter 4 Working with Charts
Module 7: Microsoft Access 2010
  Chapter 1 Working with Databases
  Chapter 2 Using Forms and Tables
  Chapter 3 Creating Queries and Reports
Module 8: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  Chapter 1 Creating a Presentation
  Chapter 2 Working with Slide Masters and Handouts
  Chapter 3 Adding Visual Elements and Sound
  Chapter 4 Completing, Running, and Sharing Your Show
Module 9: Integrating Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint
  Export a Word Outline to PowerPoint
  Insert an Excel Chart into a Word Document
  Create an Access Database with Excel Data
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