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Our Digital World: Introduction to Computing 4th Edition

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Our Digital World 4e - HS eBook w/ 1-year online access and SNAP 2016 (codes via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76387-401-8
Print Edition
Our Digital World 4e - Text with HS eBook and SNAP 2016 w/ 1-year online access
ISBN: 978-0-76386-879-6
eBook Edition
Our Digital World 4e - HS eBook w/ 1-year online access (code via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76386-840-6

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Pages: 284 | Copyright: 2017

Author(s): Jon Gordon, Karen Lankisch, Nancy Muir, Denise Seguin, Anita Verno


Our Digital World, Fourth Edition uses a contemporary approach to learning traditional computer concepts by integrating textbook resources with a variety of online activities. This fourth edition is a competency-based, objective-driven program that provides opportunities for students who want to explore topics. It includes videos, podcasts, online research and hands-on activities that cater to different students' needs and learning styles—available in SNAP 2016!.

Table of Contents

1. Digital Technologies: Exploring a Wealth of Possibilities

2. The Internet: Gateway to a World of Resources

3. Computer Hardware and Peripherals: Your Digital Toolbox

4. System Software: The Control Center of Your Computer

5. Application Software: The Key to Digital Productivity

6. Communications and Network Technologies: Connecting Through Computers

7. The Social Web: Opportunities for Learning, Working, and Communicating

8. Digital Defense: Securing Your Data and Privacy