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Our Digital World: Introduction to Computing Third Edition

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Print Edition
Our Digital World: Introduction to Computing 3e - Textbook (softcover) with SNAP Integrated eBook and SNAP 1-year license
ISBN: 978-0-76386-449-1

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eBook Edition
Our Digital World: Introduction to Computing 3e - SNAP Integrated eBook and SNAP 1-year license (codes via email)
ISBN: 978-0-76386-453-8

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Pages: 304 | Copyright: 2015

Author(s): Jon Gordon; Karen Lankisch; Nancy Muir; Denise Seguin; and Anita Verno


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Our Digital World is a contemporary take on traditional computer concepts learning by combining textbook resources with a myriad of online activities. This third edition is a competency-based, objective-driven program that provides opportunities for students who want to explore topics rather than only read material.

It provides you and your students:

Engagement. Active participation allows students to self-explore the course material.

  • Students can validate their new skills on each learning objective in the course and receive immediate feedback on Precheck and Recheck quizzes.
  • Numerous learning resources cater to different students’ needs such as videos, podcasts, online research, and hands-on activities.

 Interactive Integration. SNAP is incorporated throughout giving instructors a robust course management tool and students an enriching learning environment.

SNAP with Integrated eBook

  • Students can access key assignments, quizzes, and tests through SNAP’s web-based system. Also, the system grades and uploads the scores automatically into a gradebook saving instructors time.
  • A customized Study Plan shares concept-level feedback and links to the resources that will help students succeed.
Table of Contents
  1. Digital Technologies: Exploring a Wealth of Possibilities.
  2. The Internet: Gateway to a World of Resources.
  3. Computer Hardware and Peripherals: Your Digital Toolbox.
  4. System Software: The Control Center of Your Computer.
  5. Applications Software: The Key to Digital Productivity.
  6. Communication and Network Technologies: Connecting through Computers.
  7. The Social Web: Opportunities for Learning, Working, and Communicating.
  8. Digital Defense: Securing Your Data and Privacy.
Author Bio

John Gordon is an editor at Minnesota Public Radio, where he is responsible for social media and mobile content strategy and execution. He’s a recipient of the Gerald Loeb Award for business journalism from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

Karen Lankisch is an Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati-Clermont College. She teaches a variety of courses in the Business Information Technology Program. She has a PhD in Education with a concentration in technology and adult learning.

Nancy Muir is the Director of Content Development for Look Both Ways, a provider of online safety education and consulting services. Nancy has written a number of technology and business books and is the author of a regular column on Computers and the Internet at

Denise Seguin has been teaching at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario since 1986. She has taught a variety of software applications to adult learners in Continuing Education courses and learners in postsecondary Information Technology diploma programs. In addition to this textbook, Ms. Seguin has authored and co-authored many computer application textbooks for Paradigm Publishing, Inc.

Anita Verno is an Associate Professor of Information Technology at Bergen Community College and IT Department Chair. Her 33 years of professional experience cover software design and development, teaching in IT/CS, and development of curricula/degrees for high schools and colleges.