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Preparing for Career Success, Third Edition

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Preparing for Career Success, Third Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-545-8

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Pages: 574 | Copyright: 2009 EMC/JIST Works

Author(s): Jerry Ryan and Roberta Ryan


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Preparing for Career Success Video Tour on DVD, Third Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-574-8
Preparing for Career Success Student Portfolio, Third Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-575-5
Preparing for Career Success Student Activity Book, Third Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-577-9
Preparing for Career Success Career Cluster Discovery Guide, Third Edition
ISBN: 978-1-59357-587-8

Preparing for Career Success (for grades 10-12) provides students with the most current career information and thoroughly covers a variety of social issues affecting today's workers and the workplace, including tech preparation, ethics in the workplace, sexual harassment, and the complex set of problem-solving skills needed to successfully handle the challenges facing two-wage-earner families.

The Student Edition

  • Learning Objectives: The first page of each chapter includes a list of expected learner outcomes. Each chapter lists and defines vocabulary terms, and also has a review section with content questions and a vocabulary matching exercise.
  • Get Involved: Activities that reinforce the content of each major section by having students actively think and write about what they have learned.
  • Take Note: Interesting sidebars that provide information on related topics or highlight important points related to the chapter.
  • Find Out More: These established organizations, reliable websites, and comprehensive reference materials are good places for students to start exploring topics in depth.
  • Key to Success: Tips that will help students avoid common workplace issues and reach their potential.
  • Career Fact: Statistics from government data and surveys illustrate key points in the chapter.
  • Cluster Links: Connect chapters to the information on the U.S. Dept. of Educations career clusters, which are addressed in the appendix.
  • Quotes: Inspirational and relevant quotes placed throughout the text to engage students' interest.
  • Develop SCANS Competencies: Activities that strengthen transferable skills and personal qualities employers look for, based on the Department of Labor's SCANS report.

Case Studies
All case studies relate to the topic in the chapter where they are presented. Students must decide how to handle the real-life situations described in realistic scenarios by answering critical thinking questions at the end of each case study. The following themes are stressed:

  • Planning Makes a Difference: Stresses the importance of personal and career planning.
  • Being Responsible: Emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility.
  • Building Character: Defining the person you are, and choosing to become by clarifying attributes and characteristics of behavior.
  • Solving the Problem: Presents a scenario requiring students to use problem solving techniques.
  • Life Skills: Illustrates the importance of everyday life tasks such as money management, being a consumer, work and the family, health skills and citizenship responsibilities.

The book also includes:

  • Sound career development theory.
  • Engaging learning activities that help students meet their career goals.
  • Expanded information on the 16 U.S. Department of Education career clusters.
  • Supplements that are closely integrated with the textbook.
  • Practical strategies for all phases of a career, from setting goals and interviewing for jobs to asking for a raise.
Author Bio

Jerry Ryan, M.Ed., is the author of Preparing for Career Success and has been an advocate of career education for more than 30 years. As project coordinator and liaison between the Akron Public Schools (Akron, Ohio) and the Akron Regional Development Board, he organized collaborative career education programs with business, industry, and labor organizations. As a developer/demonstrator for the U.S. Office of Education (now known as the U.S. Department of Education), he provided career education and career guidance training to thousands of teachers and counselors nationwide.

Roberta Ryan, M.Ed., has spent 30 years teaching, training, counseling, and developing curriculum materials for career education, career guidance, and the private sector. She has been a coordinator of Career Education for the Akron Public Schools (Akron, Ohio), a trainer for the National Diffusion network of the U.S. Office of Education, a lecturer for the University of Akron, a field evaluator for the American Institute of Research, a curriculum reviewer for the U.S. Department of Education, and the owner and manager of Career Direction Services, Inc., a technical placement service. She has been a major contributor to numerous career education and career guidance curriculum guides at the local, state, and national levels.

For interview requests or questions about these authors, contact Selena Dehne at or (651) 215-7548.