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Deutsch Aktuell 1, Fifth Edition

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Print Edition
Deutsch Aktuell 1 Fifth Edition: Textbook
ISBN: 978-0-82192-537-9


Deutsch Aktuell has been the flagship of German language instruction for the past 25 years. The fifth edition of Deutsch Aktuell is not just a revised edition, but a totally rewritten textbook.

Developed in response to needs expressed by teachers throughout the country, it incorporates a well-balanced approach emphasizing communication and a logical progression of language structure. Deutsch Aktuell offers an innovative approach to meeting the needs of students' multicultural diversity in the twenty-first century.

Highlights of the new fifth edition:

  • Each chapter is divided into two short lessons (Lektion A and Lektion B), followed by review (Rückblick) to reinforce previously taught material.
  • New vocabulary is introduced visually at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Activities that progress from mechanical to meaningful to open-ended.
  • New dialogs and readings reflect contemporary German culture focusing on interests of German teens.
  • Up-to-date photos correlate to dialogs and show real situations in German daily life (sports, leisure activities, school, work, etc.).
  • Full-color maps at the front of the textbook feature Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Berlin, as well as other German-speaking areas.

Interactive Textbook on CD-ROM
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With the complete version of the student textbook on CD-ROM, students can:

  • Read, study, and complete interactive exercises
  • E-mail finished activities to the teacher
  • Print out activities to use in class

…all without ever bringing their textbook home!

Annotated Teacher's Edition (ATE)

  • Teaching suggestions, expansion activities, and cultural notes
  • Correlation of the textbook to ancillary materials
  • Complete scope and sequence for both regular and block scheduling

Never carry the teacher's edition home again!

  • Pages viewed on screen or printed out
  • Icons link instantly to ancillary materials

Workbook and Workbook Teacher's Edition
Imaginative, varied activities review and reinforce:

  • Functions
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary and cultural information

Audio CD Program

  • Dialogs and narratives from the textbook recorded by native speakers in Germany
  • Pronunciation practice and activities to hone listening and speaking skills

Listening Activities

  • Provide dialogs and narratives to ensure listening comprehension
  • Prepare students for better understanding of spoken language

Testing/Assessment Program

  • Student Test Booklet (including Answer Key)
  • Quizzes (including Answer Key)
  • Portfolio Assessment

Test Generator

  • Easy to use
  • Access and print tests from the Testing/Assessment Program
  • Modify tests to reflect what you have taught

Overhead Transparencies

  • Full-color illustrations of scenes, maps, and objects

TPR Storytelling Manual

  • Philosophy and teaching techniques
  • Step-by-step instructions for basic and advanced stories
  • Suggested gestures for new words and phrases

Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises

  • Additional grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Reinforcement for struggling readers
  • Enrichment for advanced learners

Communicative Activities

  • Open-ended and authentic
  • Oral and written
  • Designed to build fluency

Lieder Volumes I and II

  • Each volume includes a two-CD set with song booklet
  • Traditional and contemporary songs

DVD and Video Cassette Program: Treffpunkt Berlin

Filmed on location in Berlin with professional actors and actresses, Treffpunkt Berlin features a continuous, intriguing story line woven throughout the three-level video series. Your students will cling to the edge of their seats as each episode of this unique video series unfolds! Can love blossom at the hottest café in Berlin? Stay tuned...


  • Daily news articles specially chosen and edited for teens learning German (level two and above)
  • Audio feature allows users to hear articles recorded by native speakers


  • Culturally rich video vignettes showcase German young adults discussing their interests and hobbies.
  • Includes a monthly monitored online chat!


  • Popular, contemporary karaoke songs chosen from the German pop charts
  • One new hit song posted every month
  • Songs can be played in two versions: music with vocals or instrumental

Deutsch Aktuell Internet Activities

  • Activities in English and German
  • Up-to-the-minute cultural information and realia
  • Correlate to each chapter in Deutsch Aktuell
  • Internet practice research

CD-ROM Program
Students become journailstic interns for a publication about the German-speaking world!

  • Fun and interactive dialogs with native speakers
  • Engaging assignments motivate students to read and write about the geography, history, and culture of German-speaking countries
  • Parents may purchase directly from EMC