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Jane Eyre Access Edition

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Print Edition
Jane Eyre Access Edition
ISBN: 978-0-82191-645-2
eBook Edition
EMC Access Editions: Jane Eyre eBook (1-year license)
ISBN: 978-0-82197-544-2

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Access Editions: A Novel Approach to Great Literature!

• Related readings, as well as historical and background information, build cross-curricular connections
• Friendly reading support ensures understanding and enjoyment
• Thought-provoking questions and activities invite students to connect their lives to those of the characters

Access Edition novels, plays, and nonfiction works develop the same reading strategies found in the Literature and the Language Arts textbooks.

• Guided Reading Questions guide students through the work by raising important issues in key passages.
• Footnotes explain obscure references, unusual usages, and terms meant to enter students’ passive vocabularies.
• Words for Everyday Use entries define and give pronunciations for difficult terms meant to enter students’ active vocabularies.

Author Bio
Perhaps the greatest dramatist the world has ever known, William Shakespeare wrote and staged plays in many genres, among them tragedy, comedy, history, and romance. His plays have contributed many famous phrases to the English language and have inspired laughter, joy, pity, fear, despair, and suspense for over four hundred years. His works have been performed more often and in more countries than those of any other playwright.