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Stealing Freedom Access Edition

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EMC Access Editions: Stealing Freedom Access Edition
ISBN: 978-0-82192-507-2

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Author(s): Elisa Carbone

Recommmended: MIddle School; Moderate

The year was 1853, seven years before the American Civil War. The place was Unity, Maryland, a town in the slaveholding South. Twelve-year-old Ann Maria Weems, a slave girl in Unity, lost her parents and siblings when they were sold off by the family's "owner," Master Price. Desperate to escape, Ann put her trust in a white man who helped her begin her journey to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Dressed as his male servant, she learned to act like a boy and drive a horse-drawn carriage in order to avoid capture on the long trip north.

Meanwhile, the hunt was on for a runaway slave girl, and there were many who would not hesitate to profit by capturing Ann Maria and bringing her back to the South.

Elisa Carbone weaves imaginative detail with historical fact in this novel based on the true story of Ann Maria Weems. Her novel is packed with authentic information about the people and places of the pre-Civil War South, and her research is evident in the details she shares. This complete study edition of Stealing Freedom offers background materials, information about the author, questions, writing prompts, projects, and related readings.
Author Bio
Elisa Carbone lives in Montgomery County, Maryland, where Ann Maria Weems lived. Carbone is a faculty member at the University of Maryland, lecturer, and author of several books for young people.