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The Tempest Access Edition

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Print Edition
EMC Access Editions: The Tempest Access Edition
ISBN: 978-0-82191-619-3
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EMC Access Editions: The Tempest eBook (1-year license)
ISBN: 978-0-82197-538-1

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Author(s): William Shakespeare

Recommmended: High School; Challenging

“On a ship at sea: a tempestuous noise of thunder and lightening heard.” So begins Shakespeare's magical and action-packed romance The Tempest. The tense opening scene, featuring a shipwreck on a tempest-tossed sea, leads to more suspense as characters fall in love, plot insurrections, seek vengeance, and eventually reconcile on an island filled with magic. This complete study edition of William Shakespeare's classic romance The Tempest includes background on Shakespeare's life and the Renaissance, additional readings from the Age of Exploration, questions, writing ideas, and projects — everything you need to explore an island “full of noises, / Sounds, and sweet airs that give delight.”
Author Bio
Perhaps the greatest dramatist the world has ever known, William Shakespeare wrote and staged plays in many genres, among them tragedy, comedy, history, and romance. His plays have contributed many famous phases to the English language and have inspired laughter, joy, pity, fear, despair, and suspense for over four hundred years. His works have been performed more often and in more countries than those of any other dramatist.