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True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Access Edition

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EMC Access Editions: True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Access Edition
ISBN: 978-0-82191-983-5

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Author(s): Avi

Recommmended: MIddle School; Easy

Ahoy! Set sail for adventure on the Seahawk with Charlotte Doyle. From the very beginning, an air of mystery surrounds the ship. Leaving Liverpool, England in 1832, Charlotte has ideas of a pleasant passage spent in the company of other young people and families. Little does she know that mutiny, mayhem, and murder accusations await her. What really happens aboard the Seahawk during the fateful voyage? How does the voyage change Charlotte so that she says that she is “not the same Charlotte Doyle” as she was before? Find out who Charlotte is when she leaves England and the person she becomes on the perilous ocean crossing to the United States. This complete study edition of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle include information about sailing life in the early nineteenth century, study questions, writing ideas, projects, illustrations, and more.
Author Bio
Avi is a popular, award-winning author whose work is enjoyed by young adults throughout the world. Avi's twin sister gave him his name when they were about a year old, and his name stuck. As a student, Avi struggled, but he always enjoyed reading. “The more you read,” he says, “the better your writing can be.” Avi has written many books, including Nothing but the Truth, What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?, and The Man Who Was Poe. He says that writing is still difficult, but that he enjoys being able to express his ideas through the stories he tells.