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My Language Town Elementary Library

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eBook Edition
Elementary eReader library - 1-year building license
ISBN: 978-1-53382-315-1
eBook Edition
Elementary eReader library - 1-year individual license
ISBN: 978-1-53382-343-4
eBook Edition
Elementary eReader library - 6-year individual license
ISBN: 978-1-53382-342-7
eBook Edition
Elementary eReader library - 6-year building license
ISBN: 978-1-53382-329-8

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eReader Library
50 titles
1 yr 6 yr

Individual License
  • Each license purchased is a unique account
  • *Teacher access - project content for all students
  • *Student access - access on own device



Building License
  • Access to content for one School building
  • Unlimited users(teachers and students) sharing username and password



Grade Level: Elementary K-5
Difficulty Labeling: A, B, 1
50+ titles and growing

My Language Town Elementary eReader Library is an ever-expanding, original collection of eReaders created over the last decade that supports Spanish language teaching and enriches the Spanish language learning experience.
  • Suitable for traditional, TPRS, immersion, flex, and dual-language programs.
  • Specifically designed to align with U.S. Spanish language curriculum.
  • Library includes a range of levels to allow for differentiated instruction.
Elementary eReader Library
  • Includes over 50 titles
  • Designed specifically for elementary students learning Spanish
  • Topics include; numbers, transportation, animals, clothing, food, celebrations, and more
  • Eye-catching illustrations
  • Comprehension questions for every chapter
  • Grammar and vocabulary practice
  • Cultural connections
  • Ideas for projects
  • Connections to other disciplines
  • Some books include an audio recording or song
Difficulty Labeling
Each title includes a difficulty label on the cover. This library includes difficulty A, B, 1. The criteria is for the level and not for every title within a level.

Level A
  • Short present tense sentences
  • Text and concepts highly supported by pictures
  • One line of text on each page
  • Familiar, easy content
  • Repeating language patterns (3-6 words per page)
Level B
  • Short present tense sentences
  • Text and concepts highly supported by pictures
  • 3-6 lines of text on each page
  • Familiar, easy content
  • Repeating language patterns
Level 1
  • Present tense sentences
  • Structures like tener que and/or ir a + infinitive
  • Text and concepts supported by pictures
  • Familiar, easy content
  • Repeating language
The My Language Town Elementary eReader Library includes 50+ titles and more titles are continuously added!
Titles with * include an audio recording of the book.

Nico y Coco
The Nico y Coco series includes fun and engaging stories about the adventures of a boy Nico with his dog Coco and other friends.

Nico y Coco: Es Halloween*
Nico y Coco: ¿Qué tiempo hace?*
Nico y Coco: ¡Nico come fruta!*
Nico y Coco: En el parque*
Nico y Coco: Instrucciones en la clase*
Nico y Coco: ¡Feliz Navidad!*
Nico y Coco: El Ratón Pérez*
Nico y Coco: ¿Qué te gusta hacer?*
Nico y Coco: ¿Qué tiempo hace? ¿Qué ropa lleva?*
Nico y Coco: El cumpleaños secreto
Nico y Coco: Esta es mi casa
Nico y Coco: En el zoológico
Nico y Coco: El Amazonas
Nico y Coco: En el restaurante*
Nico y Coco: El ciclo del agua*
Nico y Coco: Las plantas*
Nico y Coco: Los animales y sus hábitats
Nico y Coco: ¡Yo reciclo!*
Nico y Coco: ¡Hay muchos tipos de insectos!

¡Hola, español!
The ¡Hola, español! series has vocabulary presented through simple sentences.
¡Hola, español! ¿Cómo estás?
¡Hola, español! ¿Cuál es tu animal favorito?
¡Hola, español! Me gusta la fruta
¡Hola, español! Mi cuerpo
¡Hola, español! ¿Puedo tomar?

Famous Hispanic People
The Famous Hispanic People series includes engaging stories about historical people in Spanish-speaking counties.
Famous Hispanic People: Gaudí El arquitecto de la naturaleza*
Famous Hispanic People: Gaudí (Poema)
Famous Hispanic People: Los Reyes Magos*
Famous Hispanic People: Picasso (Poema)
Famous Hispanic People: Shakira

Cuentos tradicionales
The Cuentos tradicionales series includes popular fables.
Cuentos tradicionales: La liebre y la tortuga
Cuentos tradicionales: El traje nuevo del rey
Cuentos tradicionales: 99 dálmatas*

Campamento STEAM
The Campamento STEAM series includes stories on topics of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
Campamento STEAM: ¡Ranas!
Campamento STEAM: Los perezosos
Campamento STEAM: Las mariposas monarca

La iguana Ana
The La iguana Ana series includes fun stories about an iguana named Ana who does everything all the other student do.
La iguana Ana: ¡La fiesta de cumpleaños!

Other Elementary titles
Si estás contento y lo sabes*
Somos exploradores*
¡Hola, llama! ¿Qué te gusta hacer?*
¿Qué lleva mi flamenca?
¿Cómo vas a la escuela?*
El baile de los animales*
El baile de los esqueletos*
Brilla, brilla estrellita*
Cinco monos saltando en la cama*
¿Cómo vas a estos lugares?*
La Amazonia*
El Ratón Pérez*
¡El Día de los Muertos!*
El misterio de la fiesta de disfraces
El sistema solar*
Los cinco sentidos*
Quiero a mi mamá
Paca, la vaca y la corrida*