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¡Qué chévere! Español avanzado

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Print Edition
¡Qué chévere! Español avanzado Student Edition Print Textbook
ISBN: 978-0-82197-691-3
eBook Edition
¡Qué chévere! Español avanzado Student Edition Multiplatform eBook (6-year license)
ISBN: 978-0-82197-692-0
eBook Edition
¡Qué chévere! Español avanzado Student Edition Multiplatform eBook (1-year license)
ISBN: 978-0-82197-693-7

Availability: In stock

Format Product Name Price Qty
¡Qué chévere! Español avanzado Student Edition Print Workbook
ISBN: 978-0-82197-694-4
Adobe Acrobat Document ¡Qué chévere! & the IB Course

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Watch a short video about ¡Qué chévere!

Welcome to ¡Qué chévere!, a 5-level Spanish program for the 21st century classroom.

Watch your students connect to the Spanish-speaking world using a program that motivates them to rapidly develop language proficiency and cultural understanding. Students today need a multi-sensory and multi-layered learning environment that is designed to inspire creativity, synthesis, and collaboration, as well as provide opportunities to analyze, reflect, and evaluate. With ¡Qué chévere! learners will discover Spanish in a whole new way with our cutting-edge digital resources, such as video-based tools, authentic cultural videos, eBooks and much more.

Program Resources

All student resources are available in print and digital formats.
• Textbook
• eBook
• Workbook
• Grammar & Vocabulary Exercises
• Listening Activities


• Annotated Teacher's Edition

Annotated Teacher’s Edition includes margin notes featuring games and activities, cultural information and teacher suggestions

• eAnnotated Teacher's Edition
Our eATE is powered by Bookshelf® and includes the full Annotated Teacher’s Edition plus all program resources:

• Textbook MP3 Audio includes all recordings from the textbook; dialogues, narratives, and activities.

• Textbook Audio Program Manual includes the audio transcripts for the textbook audio.

• Workbook Teacher’s Edition includes the answers to the student activities that reinforce vocabulary, grammar and cultural information.

• Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises Teacher’s Edition includes the answers to the student activities that reinforce grammar and vocabulary.

• Listening Activities with MP3 Audio includes student worksheets for listening comprehension activities as well as the audio and answer key.

• Communicative Activities Manual includes information gap activities, postcard activities, and situation card activities.

• e-Visuals are images and scenes to reinforce vocabulary. Some e-visuals include audio.

• TPR Storytelling Manual includes Step-by-step instructions for basic and advanced stories.

• Materiales para hispanohablantes includes activities for heritage speakers. Also includes the reader Marcelino pan y vino (not include on eATE provided as a physical reader)

• Portfolio Assessment includes rubrics to assess project based learning activities.

• Juegos interactive games that correlate to the vocabulary and grammar for each lesson.

• Video Program: El cuarto misterioso is a continuous storyline video that reinforces each unit’s vocabulary and grammar. A manual includes transcripts, student activity sheets, and an answer key.

• Quizzes with Answer Key includes two lesson quizzes for each unit and answer key.

• Test Booklet with Answer Key and MP3 Audio includes one unit test to assess speaking, listening, reading and writing based on unit vocabulary, grammar, and culture.

• ExamVIEW® is software preloaded with the unit tests from the Test Booklet that can be adapted or modified or printed and administered to students.

Enhance class even more with the learning environment of tomorrow’s World Language Classroom, Passport®.

Passport© “brings it all home” with its unique anytime, anywhere learning platform. In the classroom, at home, on the go, students connect to curriculum, culture, classmates and communities as well as showing what they know.

Passport© Features...

• ¡Qué chévere! ebooks (textbooks, workbook, listening activities, grammar and vocabulary)
• project-based learning
• cultural immersion
• video-based sharing
• performance-based assessment
• automatic grading and feedback
• gradebook
• class management
• assigning

Immerse your students in culture and language as well as capture and measure their progress with Passport's performance-based tasks and project-based learning.