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American Government: Citizenship and Power

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eBook Edition
American Government: Citizenship and Power: Student Multiplatform eBook (1-year license)
ISBN: 978-0-82196-816-1
eBook Edition
American Government: Citizenship and Power: Student Multiplatform eBook (6-year license)
ISBN: 978-0-82196-817-8
Print Edition
American Government: Citizenship and Power: Student Textbook
ISBN: 978-0-82195-561-1

Author(s): Christine Barbour and Gerald C. Wright


Availability: In stock

Format Product Name Price Qty
American Government: Citizenship and Power: Student Textbook on CD
ISBN: 978-0-82193-736-5
American Government: Citizenship and Power: Power-Practice: Interactive Student CD
ISBN: 978-0-82193-740-2
American Government: Citizenship and Power: Constitution Workbook Student Edition
ISBN: 978-0-82193-724-2
American Government: Citizenship and Power: Guided Reading Workbook Student Edition
ISBN: 978-0-82193-720-4
American Government: Citizenship and Power: Spanish Audio Summaries CDs
ISBN: 978-0-82193-966-6

American Government: Citizenship and Power, by Barbour and Wright, clearly explains how American government came to be, how it functions today, and how winners and losers are determined in the struggle for political power. The text also provides numerous stories, debates, and discussions of contemporary issues to capture students’ interest and encourage their active participation in politics and government.

  • Published in association with CQ Press, a division of Congressional Quarterly, the country’s most trusted and experienced publisher of up-to-date materials on government and politics
  • Written in a conversational style that will stimulate and inspire lively political discussions in your classroom
  • Developed from the authors’ classroom experiences with today’s students and today’s issues

More Than Just the Facts –
Hundreds of high-interest personal stories, debates, and opportunities for student participation!

What's at Stake - Interesting discussions about who wins and who loses in today’s political struggles
Inside the Beltway - Interviews with people who work behind the scenes in Washington, D.C.
Let's Debate - Side-by-side excerpts from political speeches and op-ed articles that challenge students to evaluate opposing viewpoints
Politics is Local - Stories about real people who got involved and made a difference
Profiles in Citizenship - Personal statements from well-known political ? gures about why we all need to get involved
A Republic... if you can keep it - Suggestions that encourage students to become active participants in the political process

Captivate with Key Components!

Assessment Book: Tests and Quizzes with Answer Key

  • One quiz for each section (72 total)
  • Two tests for each chapter (46 total)
  • One test for each unit (4 total)
  • One test for each branch of the government (3 total)

Constitution Workbook and Teacher’s Edition

  • 40 complete lessons that expand the discussion of key constitutional principles
  • Focused content plus interesting activities designed to connect students with the living Constitution

Extending the Lesson: Analyzing Documents and Cartoons

  • For each chapter, one or two complete lessons that extend the analysis of key concepts
  • In each lesson, one or more of the following items plus reflection questions for students:
    • Primary source documents
    • News articles debating current issues
    • Political cartoons

Guided Reading Workbook and Teacher’s Edition

  • For each section, one outlining activity, and one handout summarizing key points in simple language for students who read below grade level
  • For each chapter, two vocabulary activities and one or two graphic organizer activities

Lesson Plans

  • Detailed plans for every section

Energize with Technology!

EMC Lesson Planner: Plus Resources on CD-ROM

  • Complete lesson plans for all sections, plus the ability to display the plans on a calendar, edit them, and print them
  • Correlations to state standards
  • Printable calendar that displays plans for multiple class periods and that can be exported to Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Assessment materials, including ExamView® Test Generator
  • Program resources

ExamView® Test Generator on CD-ROM

  • Over 2,500 high-quality questions ranging from easy to average to challenging
  • Ability to select, create, and edit tests and quizzes

Spanish Audio Summaries CDs

  • Spanish audio segments summarizing key points from each section

Microsoft® PowerPoint® Lectures on CD-ROM

  • Creative, easy-to-follow lectures for each section
  • Wide range of formats:
    • Clear narratives
    • Concise bullet points
    • Powerful quotes and extracts
    • Full-color photos, figures, and cartoons
    • Video and audio clips
  • Breakout slides inviting student participation—ready for use with Clicker and interactive whiteboard technology

EMC Internet Resource Center

  • Study Guides
  • Vocabulary Activities
  • Practice Tests
  • Current Events Lessons
  • Updates
  • Lesson Plans
  • Standards Correlations

Power-Practice: Interactive Student CD for American Government

  • Dozens of vocabulary activities in various forms, including crossword puzzles, word cubes, and word finds
  • Flash cards in English and in Spanish
  • Flash tutorials on key government principles and processes
  • Review and practice tests

Student Textbook on CD-ROM and Online

  • Full Student Textbook on CD


Student Courseware ISBN Price
Student Textbook 978-0-82195-561-1 $74.95
Student Textbook on CD 978-0-82193-736-5 $74.95
Student Multiplatform eBook (1-year license) 978-0-82196-816-1 $19.95
Student Multiplatform eBook (6-year license) 978-0-82196-817-8 $85.95
Power-Practice: Interactive Student CD 978-0-82193-740-2 $21.95
Constitution Workbook, Student Edition 978-0-82193-724-2 $18.95
Guided Reading Workbook, Student Edition 978-0-82193-720-4 $16.95
Spanish Audio Summaries CDs 978-0-82193-966-6 $62.95
Instructor Resources
Annotated Teacher’s Edition 978-0-82195-562-8 $102.95
Annotated Teacher’s Edition eBook 978-0-82195-647-2 $102.95
EXAMVIEW®Test Generator on CD978-0-82193-737-2 $145.95
Assessment Book 978-0-82193-727-3 $22.95
EMC Lesson Planner: Plus Resources on CD 978-0-82193-856-0 $224.95
Lesson Plans 978-0-82193-728-0 $31.95
Constitution Workbook Teacher’s Edition 978-0-82193-725-9 $31.95
Guided Reading Workbook Teacher’s Edition 978-0-82193-721-1 $24.95
Microsoft® PowerPoint® Lectures on CD 978-0-82193-739-6 $145.95
Extending the Lesson: Analyzing Documents and Cartoons 978-0-82193-855-3 $18.95
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