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Adventure Series - French

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Print Edition
Destination: France!
ISBN: 978-0-82193-620-7
Print Edition
Aventure en Normandie
ISBN: 978-0-82193-621-4
Print Edition
Danger sur la Côte d’Azur!
ISBN: 978-0-82193-623-8
Print Edition
Sur la route de la contrebande
ISBN: 978-0--82193-622-1

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À l’aventure! Readers

This revised series with updated culture presents the adventures of seven American French students who go to France and stay in host families in different provinces. All four readers are designed for advanced beginners in their first or second year of language study.

Product Notes

  • Destination: France! - At the airport a mysterious woman exchanges Nicole’s mp3 player with her own. Nicole and Robert get chased through the Paris metro by the spies who want theirs back. (55 pp.)
  • Aventure en Normandie - While Vonette and Kelly are staying with Christopher Poincaré and his family in picturesque Normandy, they discover stolen money in the woods and think of a way to catch the criminals. (50 pp.)
  • Danger sur la Côte d'Azur! - Antoine and Peter feel that they have hit the jackpot when they fi nd out their host sister, Anne Cau, lives in a villa on the Mediterranean. When they fi nd a purse left under a table in a local café, a map inside leads them on an adventure to an island not far from Antibes. (57 pp.)
  • Sur la route de la contrebande - James, along with the daughters of Monsieur Clavier, knows that something sinister is afoot with the count in the castle outside Lyon, who wants to borrow his host faimly's truck to take "furniture" to Bordeaux. (51 pp.)