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Symtalk Beginning Chinese Level 1

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Print Edition
Children's Primer
ISBN: 978-0-82193-895-9
Print Edition
Teacher's Edition w/ Audio CD
ISBN: 978-0-82194-236-9
Print Edition
Symbol Cards
ISBN: 978-0-82193-897-3
Print Edition
Symtalk Starter Kit with Laminated Cards
ISBN: 978-0-82194-204-8
Print Edition
Symtalk Classroom Package with Laminated Cards
ISBN: 978-0-82194-112-6
Print Edition
Symtalk Symbol Cards e-Library CD - Beginning Chinese Level 1
ISBN: 978-0-82196-002-8
Print Edition
Symtalk Classroom Package with Digital Images on CD
ISBN: 978-0-82196-352-4
Print Edition
Symtalk Chinese Level 1 Starter Kit with Digital Images on CD
ISBN: 978-0-82196-351-7

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  • Children's Primer 53 vocabulary words (symbol cards), 18 Lessons
  • Teacher's Edition Includes - Scope and Sequence, Lesson Plans, Teaching Tips, Additional Activities, and Assessment. Audio disc includes recordings by native speakers on every page!
  • Symbol Cards Durable Symbol cards, at the core of the program, introduce vocabulary and sentence structure and engage students with countless hands-on activities
  • Symtalk e-Library on CD The CD includes the digital images of the Symbol Cards specific for this level and language. Use these with an interactive whiteboard or with your computer and projector
  • Starter Kit Starter Kit includes 5 workbooks, 1 Teacher's Edition, and 1 Symbol Cards Set
  • Classroom Package 25 Workbooks, 1 TE, 1 Symbol Card Set, 1 Objects, Colors, & Numbers Game and Dialogues #1 Game