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C'est à toi! Level Two (First Edition Revised)

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Print Edition
C'est à toi! Level Two (First Edition Revised)
ISBN: 978-0-82192-257-6

Author(s): Karla Winther Fawbush, Toni Theisen, Dianne Hopen, and Sarah Vaillancourt


The most communicative three-level French textbook on the market today is also the most up-to-date. All conversations, activities and visuals have been updated to include prices in euros. A new Communication électronique section focuses on exploratory Internet activities corresponding to the content of each unit, and the À moi de jouer! sections allow students to synthesize each unit's functions in an original dialogue or narrative based on illustrations.

Written by four current high school teachers, C'est à toi! is the first truly functional approach to learning French. Featuring a realistic mix of activities covering all five basic skills, it allows your students to develop proficiency as they perform meaningful tasks in French.

  • The most comprehensive French program available, with a full range of correlated, integrated support and expansion materials, appeals to today's students with multiple learning styles.
  • A stimulating mix of interactive activities progressing from practice to partner to cooperative groups leads to meaningful communication in realistic situations.
  • In-depth coverage of various francophone cultures gives students a solid understanding of and appreciation for the language within its multicultural, diverse context.
  • A carefully controlled vocabulary and bridging of structures allow for constant recycling of basic information to form the foundation for developing proficiency.
  • A unique approach to teaching reading, writing, and organizational skills gives students the tools they need to experience success as they communicate in French.

C'est à toi! is designed to help your students successfully develop proficiency in all skills so that they can express themselves with ease and confidence from day one. Send for your examination copies today!


Interactive Textbook on CD-ROM
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With the complete version of the student textbook on CD-ROM, students can:

  • Read, study, and complete interactive exercises
  • E-mail finished activities to the teacher
  • Print out activities to use in class

…all without ever bringing their textbook home!

Annotated Teacher's Edition

The front section of the teacher's edition of the student textbook provides a complete scope and sequence chart, model lesson plans for both regular class periods and block scheduling, a list of functions practiced in each lesson, a vocabulary list of new words and expressions introduced in each lesson, a list of practical classroom expressions, a phonetic representation of the French alphabet, and suggestions for using the Internet. Also included are icons that correlate each page to the National Standards, icons that link the supplementary material to the textbook, answers to activities, and teaching suggestions dealing with paired activities, cooperative group practice, TPR, critical thinking, cross-curricular instruction, and games.

Annotated Teacher's Edition on CD-ROM

The Annotated Teacher's Edition is available on CD-ROM for convenient access. Pages can be printed out or viewed on screen, instead of carrying the textbook home to plan classes. Click on icons to cross-reference supplementary materials.


Innovative activities correlated to each section in the textbook help students become proficient in written French as they further practice the functions, vocabulary, and structures in each unit. The workbook recombines previously learned language concepts and broadens students' understanding. Realia-based activities prepare students to use the language in authentic situations.

Program Manager with Daily Lesson Plans

The Program Manager pulls textbook and ancillaries together with daily lesson plans for both regular and block scheduling.

Teacher's Resource Kit

This easy-to-use kit includes additional listening activities on reproducible blackline masters (with answer key/teacher's edition), audiocassettes or compact discs with listening activities, a teacher's edition of the workbook, an audiocassette/CD program manual, and the program manager with daily lesson plans.

Audiocassette/CD Program

Audiocassettes/CDs contain the oral material recorded by native speakers for the introduction of new words and expressions, Dialogue, Pratique, Prononciation, and Sur la bonne piste sections of each lesson.

Assessment Program

A unique format in assessment allows you to design tests that evaluate what you have taught in the way you have taught it. Choose to use whatever sections you feel are relevant: vocabulary, structure, proficiency writing, culture, listening, speaking, and reading. The assessment program also has quizzes correlated to each lesson of the textbook. Portfolio assessment is also available with rubrics for oral and written work as well as semester and year-end tests that measure proficiency in all skill areas.

Overhead Transparencies

Full-color transparencies, offering illustrations of scenes, objects, and maps, provide an outstanding method of visually reinforcing the lesson's content.

Video Program

Filmed entirely on location in La Rochelle and Paris, these exciting, full-color videos with a continuous story line are closely coordinated with the functions, vocabulary, and structures of each unit. Your students will easily become involved with their francophone contemporaries in interesting, realistic situations and be eager to discover what happens to them in the next episode.

Computer Software

The computer software program (Macintosh and IBM) is ideal for reviewing and reinforcing each lesson's structural information. A comprehensive lesson quiz checks students' understanding of each concept. The software offers different exercises from those in the student textbook and workbook.

CD-ROM Program

The full-color interactive CD-ROM program with video reinforces and enriches students' skills in all five areas. Students actively play the roles of interns at a newspaper and are asked to complete various hands-on assignments for the editor-in-chief. This business setting allows students to solve meaningful, real-world problems as they improve their proficiency in French.

Test Generator

The IBM and Mac compatible test generator allows teachers to test exactly as they have taught, allowing for differences in students' learning styles. Teachers can create and print customized tests. The CD allows teachers to add their own test questions or edit existing questions.

Internet Activities

  • Features Internet Activities in English and French.
  • Enhances students' language skills and cultural knowledge.
  • Develops students' Internet research skills.
  • Exposes students to authentic French realia.
  • Correlated to each unit in C'est à toi!

French Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises

These workbooks are the ideal format for additional practice of basic structures and topics presented in first- and second-year French. Each unit is correlated to the textbooks, and both the grammar and vocabulary sections give students excellent practice in preparing for the quizzes and tests in the C'est à toi! program and provide a solid foundation for continuing in French.

TPR Storytelling Manual

This manual with numerous illustrations tells teachers step-by-step how to teach basic and advanced stories, two stories correlated to each unit in the textbook. Gestures are given for new words and phrases to help teachers convey meaning. Philosophy and teaching techniques are thoroughly described for teachers who have little or no background in teaching TPRS.

Internet Resource Center

Internet activities and answers, self-quizzes, review exercises, and Web links, all correlated to the units of the C'est à toi! textbooks, can be found on the Internet Resource Center, accessible from The site also features general teacher and student resources, including useful Web links, teaching tips, and study aids.

Internet Activities

The C'est à toi! Internet Activity Web site features Internet Activities in English and French. The Internet Activities enhance students' language skills and cultural knowledge as well as develop their Internet research skills. Visit and review the online sample activities.

Communicative Activities

  • Situation cards and information gap activities
  • Oral and written
  • Designed to build fluency

Activities for Proficiency

  • Games, maps, realia, and more!
  • Creative teaching ideas

Chansons Volumes I and II

  • Each volume includes a two-CD set with song booklet
  • Traditional and contemporary songs

French News Ticker

  • Daily news articles specially chosen and edited for teens learning French (level two and above)
  • Five interesting articles posted each weekday from September-May
  • Audio feature allows users to hear articles recorded by native speakers

French i-Catcher

  • Culturally rich video vignettes showcase French young adults discussing their interests and hobbies.
  • Includes a monthly monitored online chat!

French HitTicker

  • Popular, contemporary karaoke songs chosen from the French pop charts
  • One new hit song posted every month
  • Songs can be played in two versions: music with vocals or instrumental