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Exploring Arabic

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Print Edition
Exploring Arabic: Multiplatform eBook one-year license (email)
ISBN: 978-0-82196-789-8
Print Edition
Exploring Arabic: Multiplatform eBook six-year license (email)
ISBN: 978-0-82196-790-4
Print Edition
Exploring Arabic Softcover Textbook
ISBN: 978-0-82193-881-2
Print Edition
Exploring Arabic Workbook
ISBN: 978-0-82193-883-6

Author(s): Hisham Khalek and Joan G. Sheeran


Engage your students with the Arabic language!


  • Twenty thematic units expose students to a variety of words, expressions, and structures
  • Builds skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • Provides students a taste of the art, music, and literature of Arabic-speaking countries through realia-based activities
  • Motivates students to speak and participate beginning with the first lesson
  • Generates enthusiasm for language-learning through a friendly, visual approach
  • Helps students understand the culture of Arabic-speaking countries while developing an appreciation of their own culture
  • activities duplicate the natural process of language acquisition through the use of visual image symbol cards
  • Puzzles and other fun activities engage and entertain students

Teacher’s Guide

  • Includes a detailed introduction for the teacher with Unit Objectives, Lesson Plans, Teaching Suggestions and help with the Symtalk Activities
  • Easy-to-read Answer Keys for the Textbook, Workbook, Check-up Written Activities and Check-up Listening Activities
  • Complete Audio Scripts and Program Managers with track numbers for the Audio Program
  • Blackline masters of the student worksheets for the Check-up Written Activities and Check-up Listening Activities
Components   ISBN
Softcover Textbook 978-0-82193-881-2
Workbook 978-0-82193-883-6
Audio CDs 978-0-82194-155-3
Symtalk Symbol Cards 978-0-82193-884-3
Overhead Transparencies 978-0-82193-885-0
Teacher’s Guide 978-0-82193-882-9
Softcover Exploring Arabic Teacher Package with Audio CDs* 978-0-82193-886-7
Softcover Exploring Arabic Classroom Set with Audio CDs** 978-0-82193-887-4

* Includes Textbook, Workbook, Symtalk Symbol Cards, Audio, and Teacher’s Guide
** Includes 25 Textbooks, 25 Workbooks, Symtalk Symbol Cards, Audio, Overhead Transparencies, and Teacher’s Guide