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My Language Town Beginner Library

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eBook Edition
Beginner eReader library - 1-year building license
ISBN: 978-1-53382-316-8
eBook Edition
Beginner eReader library - 1-year individual license
ISBN: 978-1-53382-341-0
eBook Edition
Beginner eReader library - 6-year individual license
ISBN: 978-1-53382-340-3
eBook Edition
Beginner eReader library - 6-year building license
ISBN: 978-1-53382-327-4

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eReader Library
36 titles
1 yr 6 yr

Individual License
  • Each license purchased is a unique account
  • *Teacher access - project content for all students
  • *Student access - access on own device



Building License
  • Access to content for one School building
  • Unlimited users(teachers and students) sharing username and password


Grade Level: Middle School and High School 6-12
Difficulty Labeling: 1-2
36+ titles and growing

My Language Town Beginner eReader Library is an ever-expanding, original collection of eReaders created over the last decade that supports Spanish language teaching and enriches the Spanish language learning experience.
  • Suitable for traditional, TPRS, immersion, flex, and dual-language programs.
  • Specifically designed to align with U.S. Spanish language curriculum.
  • Library includes a range of levels to allow for differentiated instruction.
Beginner eReader Library
  • Includes over 36 titles
  • Designed specifically for middle and high school students learning Spanish
  • Topics include; art, famous Hispanic people, traditions, family, food, celebrations, animals, emotions and feelings, science, nature, traditional stories or adaptations with a modern twist and more
  • Eye-catching illustrations
  • Comprehension questions for every chapter
  • Grammar and vocabulary practice
  • Connections to other disciplines
  • Cultural connections
  • Ideas for projects
  • Some books include an audio recording or song
Difficulty Labeling
Each title includes a difficulty label on the cover. This library includes difficulty level of 1-2. The criteria is for the level and not for every title within a level.

Level 1
  • Vocabulary of high frequency words
  • Gender
  • Present tense
  • Ser vs Estar
  • ir + a infinitive
  • tener que + infinitive
  • Questions and answers
  • Present progressive
  • Preterit
  • Commands
Level 2
  • Vocabulary of high frequency words
  • Vocabulary or topics for class discussion
  • Familiar, easy content
  • Present tense
  • Ser vs. Estar
  • Present progressive
  • Preterit tense
  • Imperfect
  • Affirmative and negative command formal and informal
  • Indirect and direct objects
  • Negative and affirmative words
  • Por vs. Para
The My Language Town Beginner eReader Library includes 36+ titles and more titles are continuously added! Titles with * include an audio recording of the book.

Campamento STEAM
The Campamento STEAM series includes stories on topics of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
Campamento STEAM: Las mariposas monarca
Campamento STEAM: Los macaos
Campamento STEAM: Los perezosos
Campamento STEAM: ¡Ranas!

Cuentos tradicionales
The Cuentos tradicionales series includes popular fables or with a modern twist.
Cuentos tradicionales: La liebre y la tortuga
Cuentos tradicionales: El traje nuevo del rey
Cuentos tradicionales: 99 dálmatas

Famous Hispanic People
The Famous Hispanic People series includes engaging stories about historical people in Spanish-speaking counties.
Famous Hispanic People: Los Reyes Magos
Famous Hispanic People: Gaudí Poema
Famous Hispanic People: Gaudí El arquitecto de la naturaleza*
Famous Hispanic People: Picasso Poema
Famous Hispanic People: Frida Kahlo*
Famous Hispanic People: Shakira
Famous Hispanic People: Fernando Botero

Important dates
The Important dates series focuses on popular celebrations in the Spanish speaking world.
Important dates: Las posadas
Important dates: El Día de los Muertos
Important dates: Cinco de mayo

Los hermanos Rodríguez
The Los hermanos Rodríguez series includes the mysteries and adventures of the Rodriguez sibling for Middle School/younger students.
Los hermanos Rodríguez: Halloween*
Los hermanos Rodríguez: ¿Dónde está el Picasso?
Los hermanos Rodríguez: La Corona Maya*

Misterios, acción y aventuras
The Misterios, acción y aventuras series includes engaging and exciting stories about different adventures, mysteries or/and romance.
Misterios, acción y aventuras: El profesor Kozlov
Misterios, acción y aventuras: Ayuda en una tormenta El huracán Mitch
Misterios, acción y aventuras: Hackers y el virus WannaCry
Misterios, acción y aventuras: Un verano en la granja
Misterios, acción y aventuras: Virus de sangre

Nico y Coco
The Nico y Coco series includes fun and engaging stories about the adventures of a boy Nico with his dog Coco and other friends.
Nico y Coco: ¿Qué te gusta hacer?
Nico y Coco: ¿Qué tiempo hace? ¿Qué ropa lleva?*
Nico y Coco: Los animales y sus hábitats
Nico y Coco: En el zoológico
Nico y Coco: El ciclo del agua

Other Beginner titles
Los cinco sentidos
El sistema solar
El misterio de la fiesta de disfraces
¿Cómo vas a estos lugares?*