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Passport® The Future of Fluency.

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Passport All Digital Student Account (1-year license) (Available in Spanish French German and Chinese)
Passport All Digital Student Account (6-year license) (Available in Spanish French German and Chinese)

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Embark on a journey to language proficiency with a unique learning environment, Passport.

Passport® is a learning platform uniquely designed for the world language classroom. Students connect to curriculum but also go beyond by using innovative tools to immerse in the culture, create projects, share with classmates, and perform what they know. Discover language learning in a whole new way anytime, anywhere with Passport®.

Passport allows students to keep discovering world languages online through...

•  real-life communication
•  cultural immersion
•  performance-based tasks
•  project-based learning

Passport© “brings it all home” with its unique anytime, anywhere learning platform. In the classroom, at home, on the go, students connect to curriculum, culture, classmates and communities as well as showing what they know.

Passport© Features...

• eBooks (textbooks, workbook, listening activities, grammar and vocabulary)
• project-based learning
• cultural immersion
• video-based sharing
• performance-based assessment
• automatic grading and feedback
• gradebook
• class management
• assigning

Immerse your students in culture and language as well as capture and measure their progress with Passport's performance-based tasks and project-based learning.

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