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Young Readers Series - Las lecturas

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Print Edition
Buceando en el misterio (no CD)
ISBN: 978-8-88148-333-4
Print Edition
En busca del amigo desaparecido with CD
ISBN: 978-8-88148-420-1
Print Edition
El collar de la familia Albar
ISBN: 978-8-88148-586-4
Print Edition
Destino Karminia
ISBN: 978-8-88148-608-3
Print Edition
El diario de Val with CD
ISBN: 978-8-88148-328-0
Print Edition
La marca en la roca (no CD)
ISBN: 978-8-88148-466-9
Print Edition
Misterio en las Olimpiadas Acuáticas
ISBN: 978-8-88148-456-0
Print Edition
Un mundo lejano
ISBN: 978-8-88148-912-1
Print Edition
El recuerdo egipcio
ISBN: 978-8-88148-451-5

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This series contains different types of narration, including puzzle-solving teen fiction and role-play. At the end of each chapter there are exercises and activity pages that practice vocabulary and language structures, making memorization and revision easy and effective. Each reader contains games and activities. Each reader is 70 pages.

  • El amor de Beatriz with disc - Francesca is a clever 16-year old girl, but she doesn't feel pretty. Her best friend helps her to feel beautiful and confident.
  • Buceando en el misterio (no disc) - Readers participate in the discovery of the mystery of mythic Atlantis.
  • En busca del amigo desaparecido with disc - Rafa, a clever inventor, has been kidnapped. The twins, Chelo and Pepe, go searching for him.
  • El collar de la familia Albar - A school outing to a mysterious castle brings adventure.
  • Destino Karminia - Three friends search for the mysterious city of red roofs.
  • El diario de Val - Val feels sad because she's moving to the country. Little does she know that she's about to find new friends and a new boyfriend.
  • La marca en la roca (no disc) - Role-play: A hike in the mountains turns into a trip outside time.
  • Misterio en las Olimpiadas Acuáticas - Sabotage at the swim meet creates a mysterious adventure for Chelo and Pepe.
  • Un mundo lejano - Marquat is a foreigner who has lived in London for many years. However, he doesn't have many friends at his new school. One day a group of boys torment him and fortunately some of his classmates come to his rescue. A real friendship begins that brings about advantages for the whole group.
  • El recuerdo egipcio - Who stole Carmen's Egyptian scarab? A thrilling search ensues to catch a thief.