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Young Readers Series - Les lectures

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Print Edition
La Cité engloutie (no CD)
ISBN: 978-8-88148-331-0
Print Edition
Destination Karminia
ISBN: 978-8-88148-589-5
Print Edition
Le souvenir d'Égypte
ISBN: 978-8-88148-444-7

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This series contains different types of narration, including puzzle-solving teen fiction and role-play. At the end of each chapter there are exercises and activity pages that practice vocabulary and language structures, making memorization and revision easy and effective. Each reader contains games and activities.

Product Notes

  • La Cité engloutie (no disc) - Readers participate in the discovery of the mystery of mythic Atlantis. (70 pp.)
  • Destination Karminia - Three friends search for the mysterious city of red roofs. (80 pp.)
  • Le Journal de Valérie - Valérie feels sad because she's moving to the country. Little does she know that she's about to find new friends and a new boyfriend.
  • La randonnée fantastique - A hike in the mountains turns into a trip outside the normal constraints of time. (70 pp.)
  • Le souvenir d'Égypte - Who stole Sophie's Egyptian scarab? A thrilling search to catch a thief. (64 pp.)