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Zhēn Bàng! 2nd Edition Level 1

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Print Edition
Zhēn Bàng! Level 1 Student Edition Print Textbook
ISBN: 978-0-82198-136-8

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Author(s): Margaret Wong


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Zhēn Bàng! Level 1 Student Edition Print Workbook
ISBN: 978-0-82198-138-2
Zhēn Bàng! Level 1 Student Edition Chinese Character Practice Workbook
ISBN: 978-0-82198-139-9

Nǐ hǎo! Welcome to EMC’s all-new Zhēn Bàng! program, where students interact with Chinese language and culture in awesome, everyday ways. Get students talking about family, friends, school, home, meals, shopping and more conversing in pairs and groups. Zhēn Bàng! integrates language and culture seamlessly and provides technology resources that are easy to use for students and teachers. What an awesome way to learn the Chinese language!

Key Features and Benefits

• Interactive, authentic content creates a real-life experience to enhance learning.
• Extensive components provide practice and enrichment opportunities.
• Differentiated learning resources ensure success for all students.
• State-of-the-art technology resources engage and motivate students.

New for the Seventh Edition

• Aligns with the National Standards and incorporates 21st century skills
• Begins with an overview of Chinese pronunciation, geography and history, and lays a foundation for a study of Chinese characters.
• Presents lively dialogues, a sequential presentation of structure, illustrated vocabulary, and a step-by-step approach to reading and writing Chinese characters.
• Integrates rich culture throughout the text.
• Utilizes native-speaking teens for all audio and video.
• Enriches learning with technology that speaks to today’s students.

Program Resources
For Students

• Textbook
• eBook
• Workbook
• eWorkbook
• Character Practice Book with audio
• Listening Practice Activities
• Games, pronunciation videos, cultural videos, dialogue videos, character animations and more
• Passport®

For Teachers
Annotated Teacher's Edition
• eATE and Teacher’ Digital Resource Package
• Workbook Answer Key
• Character Practice Book Answer Key
• Textbook Audio Program
• Quizzes Manual and Answer Key
• Test Manual and Answer Key
• Passport®